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Established as a in-home chef for 17 years cooking for family and friends. Chef Affron has always been passionate about cooking. He is professionally trained chef certified by Gros Bonnet Culinary Academy and is also a chef for Hilton.



Affron's cooking adventures started at a young age in Harlem, New York watching his mother cook for his family. His passion carried on after joining the Navy as he cooked for small parties and cookouts. His passion was to attend culinary arts school. Soon after retiring from the Navy in Hawaii he became a fire inspector and inspected various restaurants and kitchens which gave him the opportunity to speak with numerous chefs and pick their brains about becoming a great chef and owning a cooking business. During inspections at the acclaimed Gros Bonnet Academy Culinary Arts School he would speak with the Chef Instructors and let them know that one day he would like to be a culinary student.

He lived his dream and graduated from Gros Bonnet Culinary Academy in 2013. He then worked under well know celebrity local chefs for two years. He now works as a cook for a major hotel chain in Honolulu.

Affron and his son at The Hilton. 

Affron and his son at The Hilton. 


Affron's Soul Food adventure began!

Affron's Soul Food was created in 2016 as a way of providing an in-home soul food dining experience. He LOVES cooking for people – whether working in a hotel kitchen or a home kitchen like yours, his passion is to create fresh soul food meals for everybody to enjoy. He wants to bring a little soul into your home!  

Gros Bonnet Culinary Academy

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